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Published on March 9, 2008 By PoSmedley In OS Customization

Launchy 2.0 goes beyond it's ability to be a lightning-fast application launcher. Besides opening apps, folder, and files, you can do more with this one little application than I thought possible.

Launchy can -

  • Remember The Milk - Post reminders to Remember The Milk
  • Post to your Google Calendar
  • Twit with Launchy - You can set reminders on Twitters Timer and update your status on Twitter.
  • Append text to files
  • Search Google and a host of other sites like Wikipedia
  • Index your Music, Pictures, Files, Custom Commands, Bookmarks, Folders and more
  • Use the built in calculator

This is a really fun app, if your looking for something to get you off the mouse and onto the keyboard.

Launchy was developed to run on XP. Once it has been started, it hides in the background. You bring it forward by holding the Alt key and tapping the Space key. It's that easy!

Launchy is an open source application. It's free and also 'skinnable' Currently, you can find more skins for launchy on Deviantart and in the Launchy forums. The PNG at top is a skin I made (for personal use) combining the Launchy default skin and Winky!

You can download the latest version of Launchy from Source Forge .

on Mar 09, 2008
Now thats a presentable article about it that will make people want to read it.

Unfortunately I use the keyboard as little as possible just out of habit. So I dont think I'd get much use from it.
on Mar 09, 2008

Interesting program.  I don't really see it doing anything for me that I can't do with OD+ and Keyboard launchpad, but still a decent idea.  It will be interesting to see it develop and mature.

on Mar 09, 2008

[quote] besides opening...

Remeber The Milk... .

Apend text to files


Not bad
on Mar 09, 2008