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Published on February 23, 2008 By PoSmedley In Personal Computing
In the PM area and now in the forums...when I type a reply or try to write a new forum post,
it's going v e r y  s l o w. I'm a hunt and peck typer, yet I could type the dictionary up to Z
before the word Apple ever appears on the screen. Currently, because it is so slow and will not allow me to
anything else on my PC til the words catch up, I have to type my stuff in notepad first
and paste it here.

 With my PC at work, I don't have this problem at all. On both, I am running the most current version of FF.

 I'm assuming it's a setting on my home PC. I have ZA-Pro at home, if that matters. Anything I can do to fix this?

Second Question-
 I went from 512MB to 2GB memory in my PC. The 512 was killing me in ImageReady on some animations.
 My virtual memory is still set for 512MB. If I have researched it right, I need to set my virtual memory's
lowest setting to 1 and a half of my total...and the highest to 3x the lowest? Can someone verify that for me?

 Any help on these little issues would be greatly appreciated.

on Feb 23, 2008
Po' on the first issue do you have a lot of other programs running at the same time? If so, cut some of them back to see if that makes a difference.

Also Ctrl-Alt-Delete and bring up your Task Manager. Go to the performance tab and tell me what the CPU and Ram are doing when you have Firefox loaded and unloaded.

I don't think ZA is your probelm.
on Feb 23, 2008
Took this SS with just FF and the SS program running.
on Feb 23, 2008
Do you have the same problems when you write a forum post using IE7?

I've just checked and my system is running at between 0% and 4% on the CPU with IE7 fired up but not doing anything. Your CPU is showing spikes but 20 per cent useage should not cause the problems that you are having.

What version of FF are you using? Edit sorry I see you are using the latest version
on Feb 23, 2008
The spike happened when I opened Screenhunter for the screenshot.
I never use IE7, except for windows update.
on Feb 23, 2008
OK, next thing I'd try is a total uninstall of Firefox and any plug-ins. Reboot. Then reinstall the latest Firefox from the Morzilla website. Don't add any plug-ins yet. Reboot again and see if that gets rid of the problem.

To me this points to a browser problem but it's a process of elimination so see how this next move goes and then we can go from there.
on Feb 23, 2008
first question is there any thing running on your home PC thats not running on your work PC. like OD or DX ?
on Feb 23, 2008
and any plug-ins.

My plug-ins? All of them?

You're really skinhit in disguise and you've come here to screw with me, haven't you?
on Feb 23, 2008
and any plug-ins.My plug-ins? All of them?You're really skinhit in disguise and you've come here to screw with me, haven't you?

There's just no helping some people.....hehehehehehe!!!!

on Feb 23, 2008
You're right on the VM setting. Right click on MyComputer, select Properties. Click on Advanced then Performance/Settings, then click on the Advanced tab and click Change. Look at my screen shot. Make the max and min the same size so Windows doesn't resize the VM it all the time. My min max is set for 3070/3070 which is the win recommended on the bottom of the settings tab just mentioned.

Reboot after changing your settings. I'm on WinXP/Pro/SP2, 2GB RAM.

I tried to upload a screenshot on my photo site under photoalbum 'get er dun'

'get er dun'

Good luck. f

on Feb 23, 2008
I believe you're making this way too hard.......your System Fonts appear to be out of whack.

Insofar as Firefox is concerned: FF/ Tools/ Options/ Content/ Fonts/ Advanced: check 'Allow pages to choose their own fonts'. Restart FF.

Now try a post.

As to the VM settings; with two gigs of ram it doesn't matter what the setting is (just don't turn it off). XP won't use it until it eats up that 1500 available you show...not a likely scenario.