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What the heck is it doing?
Published on November 5, 2005 By PoSmedley In PC Hardware
I use WinPatrol and in my Active Tasks I am always finding that 'LVCom Server' is running. I shut it off and eventually it comes back. After some investigation, I found it's tied into my Logitech Webcam. The thing is, this LVCom Server runs 'without' the webcam being activated. We only use the cam about once a month for the little one to talk to a relative or something. So what keeps activating it?

I ran HiJack This and posted the log on a couple places , but they are all so far behind, it's been a week. I went into Zone Alarm and set it so it would have to have permission to run, but that did no good. My computer has a bad habit of slowing down, and freezing for minutes on end when I am browsing and when I check to see what apps could be running that I don't know about, it's always this one.

Is anyone familiar with LVCom Server?

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on Nov 05, 2005

I have never used this one, but a couple questions to perhaps help troubleshoot:

1 - Do you have any LVCom software, or any other applications that interact with the web cam hardware? It is my understanding that this service enables advanced features between the hardware and applications using the COM Server. It may be the software (if it exists), a service of some kind, or a registry key that is calling the LVCom server executible.

2 - Is the "lvcomsx.exe" shown in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run key in the registry? If so, and you are familiar with working in the registry, you could try to export the key as a backup - and then delete the lvcomsx.exe string to prevent running automatically in the background. Then test the functionality of your web cam and software, to make sure the service can be invoked when wanted.

I do this with 'QuickTask' which is the Quick Time service which runs in the background if not removed from this key.

Note - another way to remove safely, would be to copy the name, type, and data of the string - which allows you to recreate the string if there is an issue. This is a method I use when modifying one string.

Hopefully, someone with more knowledge will stop by.

on Nov 05, 2005
Try this. If you uninstall what it tells you to, you still should be able to use the cam....


Good luck!
on Nov 05, 2005
To add to post three...uninstall the Logitech Image Studio software
on Nov 05, 2005
The registry stuff is a little beyond me. But what you said about it being tied into something else makes sense. I just can't imagine what it is. I'm more afraid some freakin virus or malware got on here and is calling it up, to do God knows what.

Thanks for taking the time to answewr.
on Nov 05, 2005
Try this. If you uninstall what it tells you to, you still should be able to use the cam

I went to the page and it's not loading for me?!?!?!
on Nov 05, 2005
Is it LVcomS server or LVCom server? there might be a difference. Do a Google search on both of them and go from there.
on Nov 05, 2005
uninstall the Logitech Image Studio software

Did you try this?
on Nov 05, 2005

The registry stuff is a little beyond me

No problem.

You can safely try the following:

Start > Run > Type: msconfig > hit "Enter" > click the "Startup" tab, and look for the listing for lvcomsx.exe to see if it is available there > if found, deselect by removing the check mark in the box to the left of the file listing > click "Apply" > reboot machine.

After reboot, you may receive a message indicating that settings were changed using msconfig - just say OK, then close msconfig and select the option "without reboot". This should prevent the process from running in the background, unless it is a really stubborn file.

Note - if you do not see the file listed under the "Startup" tab, you can look under the "Services" tab > select the "Hide All Microsoft Services" option > deselect the LVCom service if it is listed there for some reason > click "Apply" > reboot.

If you use msconfig to change a setting, and want to return at any time to normal booting, just start msconfig again > select "Normal Startup" under the General tab > click "Apply" > reboot.

on Nov 05, 2005
this progy might help you out a bit it is called "whats running" like a task manager but alot more detailed. Link

hope this helps you and good luck
on Nov 06, 2005
Thanks for all you r suggestions. I am going to go through this stuff a step a a time (this kinda crap makes me nervous) and hopefully get to the source of the problem.
on Nov 06, 2005
uninstall the Logitech Image Studio software

I have looked and 'don't' have that installed with the cam.

Everything I find says that LVCom Server (LVCOMSX.EXE) adds 'additional functionality' to the webcam. It is 'not' listed in my start-up programs yet it starts on it's own. I don't undertsand what functionality it is adding if I haven't activated the damn cam.

I'm gonna have some coffee and then try the registry approach.
on Nov 06, 2005
This little bugger is amazing.
You can safely try the following:

Did what you outlined, rebooted, etc. Went into Zone Alarm and restricted it. Opened webcam to see if it worked....this is the funny part...it was still there along 'with' FxSvr2.exe (Quick cam framework server) and Launcher.exe ...both tied to the cam.

I went back into Zone Alarm and restricted Launcher.exe...could NOT find the FxSvr2.exe...rebooted, opened the cam and it all cma eback without Zone Alarm asking or warning or anything.

I don't know what this crap is doing, but I run FreeRam xp Pro, and I can see almost instantly when that freakin LVCom Sever opens, because it drops so much. I kill it, and the rams go back up.
It's looking like it's time for a new cam.
on Nov 06, 2005
I have looked and 'don't' have that installed with the cam.

Is it in the Control Panel? Under "Add/Remove" programs? Or maybe under "Logitech" in the all programs menu?
I have had this same issue before and unistalling worked for me.
on Nov 06, 2005

Not having one of these web cams, I am short on competent ideas - so here is the last one I might try:

Note - this assumes you have a disc with the drivers and software, and that you are running Windows XP.

Disconnect the camera > uninstall all software and drivers that were installed with the camera > reboot > delete any folders for said software that are left in "C:\Program Files" > check in Task Manager for any of the processes you are concerned about, to make sure they are now gone (if not, they are probably not part of the web cam installation).

Turn off the computer > connect the web cam > boot the computer > allow Windows to recognize the hardware > if Windows tells you the hardware has been installed, but there may be a problem - use one of the following to install the drivers only:

1 - If the hardware wizard pops-up, use it to install the drivers.

2 - Use the installation disc to install the drivers - only if it offers the option to install "Drivers"

3 - Right-click My Computer > Properties > Hardware tab > Device Manager > look for the web cam device (it may have a yellow question mark by it) > right-click the web cam device listed > select "Update driver" > select the option to allow Windows to automatically install the drivers > place the web cam installation disc in the cd drive > click next to tell Windows to install the drivers > after completion, cancel any additional software installation attempted by the disc > remove disc.

You can then test the camera for functionality, and if all is well you are done.

If on the other hand, you find that the additional software is needed, I believe you are stuck with using it. Another possibility, is that the lvcomsx.exe file is connected to the driver(s). For example, ATI's new drivers install an ".exe" file, which runs in conjunction with the drivers.

Note - I use method #3 all the time, which enables me to install the hardware and drivers only.

on Nov 06, 2005
Windows XP has the drivers you need to use the webcam. I use mine all the time without additional software.
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