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March 7 2016 release of driver
Published on March 8, 2016 By PoSmedley In Personal Computing

I downloaded the latest Game Ready Driver yesterday from NVIDIA when the Game Ready App alerted me it was available and fell victim to the BSOD as did thousands of others.

It took me a bit to even discover I was not alone and it was actually not my fault for a change.

I did manage to boot into repair mode and I did a system restore. A lot of people were not even able to do that. I can attest to the fact that constant rebooting only got me the BSOD over and over.

There were several fixes offered such as uninstalling and then reinstalling under the 'custom' setting and doing a clean install.


However, I came across this

New Game Ready Driver to solve yesterday's installation issues. WHQL-pending with Microsoft. You can grab it now


The link will take you to 

Version: 364.51 BETA
Release Date: 2016.3.8
Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit
Language: English (US)
File Size: 324.51 MB

where you can download the update to version 364.47 driver that shut down so many PC's yesterday.

OR, as some folks are doing, wait it out. NVIDIA's first claim was that this was affecting only dual monitor set-ups, but if you look, you'll see single monitor rigs got hit as well (like mine).

Hope this is of some help to anyone who got snagged in the mess.


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on Mar 09, 2016

362 with dual monitors on a GTX 650Ti.

on Mar 09, 2016


Running dual 4GB GTX 760'a here, great cards! 

Same here... ASUS GTX 4gb dual 760.  It's a fantastic card, displays everything in high res perfectly..

As for the drivers, mine are way back... 320- something, but they work okay on Win 8.1

on Mar 09, 2016

Island Dog

This wasn't a forced update issue, it was just a screwed up driver update issue


One of the guys I game with who builds his own rigs scolded me. Said he had the same drivers from Nov. 2015. He told me to wait and see who crashes and burns first and let the update be patched/fixed and then download it.

I'm just anal about keeping everything updated. I guess I need to take a step back and rethink some of my practices when it comes to updates. This one was just out, Game Ready sent me a notification, and the option was all mine as to whether or not I downloaded it. I'm like a little kid with this graphics card. I really love how good it is and it's changed gaming for me as well as any thing where a good card can really be appreciated. I need to chill and follow the good advice I am being given.