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February 2012
Published on January 31, 2012 By PoSmedley In OS Customization

About six years ago, Phoenixheart started a thread titled 'Rare Icon Request' which got 1907 hits in four years. I cut my teeth on Photoshop doing requests in that thread as did a few other skinners. I lost count of the icons I did. I also lost count of the Iconpackages I started or OD packs I started because of ideas I got from that thread.

Anyway.....there are a lot of great artists out here making icons for all kinds of things. So, what have you got going on with icons? Dazzle us. I know I would love to see. As I plug through my first windowblind (One Piece At A Time -threads) we have skinners making other things to go with it and someone out there is working on some icons as well.

What are you working on? Or are you a first timer looking for tips? Post here!



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on Feb 02, 2012

Had to pause the download. Then when I resumed it ...... the download could not be saved. Could not read the source file.


Got it on the second try, though.

on Feb 03, 2012

Yessir .... second time was the charm. Changed locations because the day room closed at 7:30. Went to the local McDonalds, got online and boom .... six minutes later in my dl folder and installed. Nice! Thanks for the link Po. 

on Feb 09, 2012

So that's it?!?!?! No one else has any icons brewing?!?!?!?!?!

Here's one I call 'Derp-puter'


on Feb 10, 2012