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Published on September 7, 2008 By PoSmedley In Forum Issues

I'm having a couple of issues with Zubaz the new forum.

  • Unable to post pics: Now this is a HUGE issue for me. I wouldn't doubt if Zubaz was behind this. Blocking my ability to post my Zubaz and skinhit pics is just wrong.  It's abuse of power. I won't stand for it! I know people!!! And when they are released from observation there's gonna be trouble.
  • I have to log on separately for the forums, even if I am logged onto the rest of the site. I am sure this is more Zubaz tom-foolery in an effort to mess with my head and make my life difficult. Fortunately for me, I am not alphabetically challenged and don't need to take an hour to log on because I can't spell my own name...but it's annoying just the same.

I would appreciate it if someone could look into this

on Sep 07, 2008

There are a huge # of problems with the site right now.  I'm seeing spam posts in the forums, the wraith master skin has disappeared, etc. etc.   I assume they are all related and temporary.

on Sep 07, 2008

on Sep 07, 2008

the wraith master skin has disappeared,

The author updated an item in the description and any updates return a skin to the moderation queue. Master Skins require Stardock to release it from the queue and as this is Sunday ...... 

on Sep 07, 2008

on Sep 08, 2008

PoSmedly, you're not a newbie bud. Please start posting in the correct forum. 'Site Issues' is where this belongs

The dual login issue has previously been reported (I know the search function isnt the best right now, so I won't complain). It's a known issue. Please pass the following information along to those who may report the same problem (or link them to this reply by hovering over 'Reply #5' and copying the link. That's a new feature btw)

The logins for the main Wincustomize website (www.wincustomize.com) and the wincustomize forums (forums.wincustomize.com) are now on seperate systems. This is for good reason, and by design. I won't go into details on the new system, but it's a good thing. The new login system we implemented is being used for all new websites, and website updates/upgrades. Wincustomize hasn't seen a significant update since the new system was put in place and made live. The forums on the other hand, have had a very big update and have all been made to use the new login system. Wincustomize will start honoring autologins when we update the website. Unfortunately I can't comment on when that will be exactly, but you can count on an update within the next decade.

Please don't comment further on the login issue. I'm going to consider that a closed case.

Now onto the inserting images problem.

zakai has already posted in Site Issues about a similar problem (http://forums.wincustomize.com/323091), so please make sure to check that forum before posting the same issue. At any rate, I would like to ask you to do the same as what I asked of zakai; Please reply with extremely specific steps which detail how to reproduce the issues youre reporting.

As you can see, I'm having no problems inserting images into my replies (and posts), so those specific steps will be key to either explaining that isn't understood, or finding the root cause of the issue you're reporting.

on Sep 08, 2008

'Site Issues'

Sorry about that. I couldn't locate that topic heading. I knew it existed but just couldn't find it. Thanks for responding though.

on Sep 08, 2008

Thank you Andrew - I am having problems with this issue also.

The cause seems to be something in the code as images cause things to be deleted completely - even while in edit mode of html. Which has something to do with it I'm sure. Really does not matter to me if it gets fixed or not I'll work around it somehow. But it would be nice if it could be

Please reply with extremely specific steps which detail how to reproduce the issues youre reporting.

here it goes again!

if I insert and image of any sort here it is fine


but if I do another image after this one line here it will delete everything back to a certain point [ let me back this up first and then place a image here on this next line]


Well it seems you have done something for it is not the same as it was and seems to be ok for this posting here. So I'll leave this one and call it good as I see it till it happens again and try to get that one captured for you if it happens.

I edited this post several times also with no problems! Thank you Andrew!!!

on Sep 08, 2008

Guys, you're missing the boat entirely. If I'm going to diagnose this problem here, I need specific steps. As an example;

1. I click this button
2. I put this url to this image in this box
3. I click this button
4. I type the following text
5. I hit enter
6. I hit this button
7. .... etc

Your example replies don't do anything to help me see the problem as it is happening. I need extremely specific steps.

I'm going to close this post and redirect everyone to the same topic of discussion on another post that was started about the same time. Please continue the discussion here; http://forums.wincustomize.com/323091